What We Do

Functional Sports Nutrition

Combining a sports background with nutritional therapy qualifications, we have developed our own take on what is known as functional sports nutrition. This is an integrative approach to nutrition; merging both fields of sports nutrition, i.e. consciously eating to enhance athletic performance, and nutritional therapy – where we look at the body as a whole using an eclectic approach to deliver person-centred healing and the promotion of overall wellness. We focus on your nutrition in an applied way, unique to you, so that both your health and performance are considered and improved upon.

We work with clients closely to ensure their best possible health is maintained during off-season, on-season, peaking for events and throughout anything life throws at them along the way. We believe a  healthy athlete is an optimal athlete; carrying less stress, injuries and ultimately performing better in all areas of their lives.

Personal Training

We are well-versed in working with those looking to “lose weight” or “tone up” as this is a common motivation to hire a personal trainer. At times we see secondary goals associated with these, such as injury rehabilitation or a specific performance-based goal such as running a marathon.

We also frequently coach people with strength-based goals. Being stronger is incredibly popular now as the health benefits of it have been widely shown through scientific research. We have a wide experience in training clients through general weightlifting to improve health, powerlifting and strongman.

Another type of clientele we often see are endurance athletes who already have a sport specific training regime but want to improve their strength and conditioning to aid their performance. This could be cyclists, marathon runners, swimmers or even triathletes. We help them support their own training performance, balance recovery, and most importantly avoid potential injury by improving imbalances caused by repetitive movements from their given sport.

Strongman is an incredible way of developing strength with static loads, movement-based events and can even incorporate aspects of conditioning. Head Coach James has a vast background of the sport including training world-class athletes on an international stage as well as competing in it himself and picking up a podium-win here and there. He is a big fan of it not just as a sport but also using it as a fun, challenging tool for training his regular clients, whatever their goals may be.

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