Not a boring military style bootcamp… Our bootcamp fitness classes are fun, engaging and yes, hard work! You’ll work up a sweat, enjoy working on your fitness and often work as a part of a team to achieve a goal for that session! We utilise everything our facility has to offer including barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, our CV equipement like assault bike and rower, prowler, sled, slam balls, power bags, battle ropes, tyres, cables and sooo much more. There’s always something different going on! We’ll keep you engaged and ensure you smash your workout every single time!

Our classes are suitable for all levels as we can tailor them to suit your ability if required.

Strength Club

Strength Club is a fusion class – it has the DNA of a structured PT lead session combined with a group class. It involves resistance training in a group of up to six people where a single program is followed per session, but each session being different from the last. You can expect to do compound lifts as well as accessory work and a cardiovascular based team finisher. What makes it different from a bootcamp? These sessions aren’t as fast-paced and the focus is on the compound movements with the goal to improve your strength and competency over time. It isn’t randomised like a bootcamp and involves less CV work over the entire session with more purposeful resistance training.

Running Club:

Saturdays at 8am we have a running club lead by our very own Jitka Hall; experienced athlete and Team GB runner. Jitka will guide you on a carefully selected run and aim to improve your running skill as well as overall fitness. These include trail and road runs which are designed to be suitable for beginners and intermediates. The overall aim of our running club is to enjoy your running. Clear your mind with us on our early morning Saturday run and set yourself up for a great weekend.

Athlete Hour

A hybrid of barbell movements and cardiovascular challenges merged together to create a unique and super tough workout. Our Athlete Hours are dedicated to bringing an element of friendly competition to the session as you’ll work within a team to come top in the evening’s challenge.

Athlete Hour is for those that enjoy an intense training session. It’s perfect for you if you’re looking for something fast paced with a buzzing atmosphere to add to your week. The group environment is always electric and supportive with everyone cheering each other to push that little further and give their absolute best. It’s tough but worth it.

Athlete Hour can be seen as a supplement to your training schedule which can improve your overall athleticism, boost your cardiovascular capacity, burn fat and get you into an environment with like-minded people. Always a challenging workout that could help boost your confidence in the gym and your experience working within a team.

Strongman Sunday

Strongman Sunday is our most original class, exclusive to Inner Athlete Gym! It has been crafted and carefully refined around our members love of the sport. It encompasses everything that Strongman should be; energy, hard work, comradery and above all else… strength!

It all started as a group of friends training together around four years ago, way before we had our own gym to call home! Since then, it has developed into our well known and much loved Strongman Sunday. Truly unique within the offerings of Strongman training locally, our sessions have grown rapidly in popularity. If you have a competition to train for then this is the place to be! You will enjoy unrivalled support and coaching from people that have competed and who have learnt from the best. Head Coach James Rush has trained athletes at world level in Strongman, and continues to do so. Come along if you want to improve your Strongman skillset or simply learn something new!

We are proudly home to one of the biggest ranges of quality Strongman equipment in the area including equipment we have had tailor made for our clients that you cannot find anywhere else! Inner Athlete Gym Strongman Sundays are the ultimate Strongman experience whether you’re a veteran of the sport or just dipping your toe for the very first time. . .

Pay as you go classes are £7.50 for our gym members and £10 for everyone else*!

*(except running club).