Out of Gym Learning
Inner Athlete believe in the empowerment of education through coaching, classes, social media engagement and our free downloads of articles, eBooks and information sheets are a great place to begin with your fitness journey. Have a browse and download whatever tickles your fancy – it’s all free and packed with juicy info.

In-Gym Learning
Within the community we have built in the gym, we want you to gain knowledge and experience. Personal Training should provide you with the tools to be able to one day feel confident and ready to use the gym by yourself, even if you still want to continue using a PT for progression, it is essential that you are learning from them. This is exactly what our coaching strategy entails.

Below is our weekly Tracker form for Measurements, Goals and Habits that will encourage you to stay on track and remain accountable. It is a free download so please do use it and let us know if it has helped you!

Below is our eBook written by Head Coach James Rush (Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist with CNM). It is full of great information on Dieting, what to expect when you diet including for weight loss, maintenance and weight gain as well as how to structure your own Nutrition protocol and so, so, so much more! Have a read and let us know what you think!

Below is our article written on Protein. Have a read!

Below is an infographic on the many benefits that resistance training brings for women.

Below is a post written on the many health benefits of Magnesium.

Below is a post written about who may be at risk of an iron deficiency and why it matters.

Below is a post written on the many health benefits of Zinc.

Below is a post talking about Vitamin D and why you should ensure you are getting enough.

Below is a post about the health benefits of creatine supplementation. Creatine is an inexpensive substance readily available that is easy to take.

Below is a post written on Chronic Stress and why it is important we deal with it, rather than ignore it.

Below is an article we wrote at the beginning of the Pandemic to encourage people to boost their natural immunity to viruses over time.