Here at Inner Athlete we have two different Strongman sessions for you to choose from, each runs once a week. Strongman Sundays at 9.30am and MST on Wednesday evening at 8.15pm at Optimal Health and Performance.

Strongman Sundays

Every week 9.30am

Strongman Sunday is our original group training session designed to encompass everything that the sport should be; energy, hard work, comradery and above all else, strength. What first started as a small group of friends almost a year ago training together out of sheer enjoyment and love of the sport has developed into our busy and much loved Strongman Sunday sessions.

Our Sunday sessions are unique within the offerings of Strongman training locally and so, have grown rapidly in their popularity. If you have a competition to train for then this is the place to be. Unrivalled support and coaching from people that have competed in the sport and who have been taught by the best, as well as having a great understanding through their own competitive experiences.

We boast one of the biggest ranges of Strongman equipment in the South of England along with dedicated coaches and a brilliant group of athletes, all making Inner Athlete Strongman Sundays the ultimate Strongman Experience whether you’re a veteran of the sport or just dipping your toe for the very first time…

Modified Strongman Training (MST)

Wednesday Evenings 8.15pm

What is Modified Strongman Training (MST)?
It is a hybrid of strongman movements including yoke, prowler, log, sled, atlas stones etc. and compound barbell exercises such as squat and deadlift used together to create a fun, challenging and tough workout to burn fat, gain muscle and get stronger. We also include HIIT in most sessions to boost cardiovascular fitness and burn extra calories!

Who is it for?
MST is for anyone that enjoys lifting weights and training or that wants to try something new to help shed fat and grow lean muscle mass. It’s also a great way to be introduced to strongman lifts while having the freedom to learn the movement patterns under less load and intensity than a traditional strongman session. We accommodate all abilities and make it fun for everyone. The group environment at MST is friendly, encouraging and fun with everyone supporting each other to push that little further and give their best week after week.

How will MST benefit me?
Introducing MST into your training schedule can help to increase your strength, improve overall athleticism, improve your cardiovascular capacity, burn fat and get you into an environment with like-minded people to make training fun and help boost your confidence in the gym.

When is it?
Our MST sessions run on Wednesday evenings at 8.15pm and are open to all, whatever your gym experience and abilities. Gym membership is not required.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes! The more the merrier. We want you to enjoy your training and bringing friends along means you’ll push each other and get better results!

How much is it?
The sessions are £5 for Optimal Gym members and £10 for everyone else. The first session is free so you can get a feel for the class and decide if it’s for you!

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