Our premium product is our 12-week package option. This includes:

  • Realistic and achievable goal setting with your coach,
  • 1 on 1 training sessions with an elite coach (number of sessions dependent on package)
  • A detailed program tailored to your goals, time and ability,
  • Online weekly tracking with your dedicated coach,
  • Nutrition plans, check-ins and reviews,
  • Physical measurements: skin-fold, circumferences and weigh-ins.

What Can I Expect?
The 12-week packages begin with a consultation with us, usually consisting of the following:

  • First, we figure out what you want; together we’ll pinpoint your goals, ensuring they are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based) to give your training and nutrition a sense of direction.
  • We will take a look into your medical history, if necessary, to note any relevant injuries, illnesses or medications that may affect your progress or ability to achieve goals.
  • With your training, it’s important to be honest with your level of commitment. Decide many training sessions you can do per week (usually 3-5), how much time do you have per session, previous training experience, do you require further support i.e. physio, chiropractor, sports massage.
  • We conduct a “Systems Review”; exploring the different systems of the body to assess how well each area works, including: digestion, cardiovascular health, hormones, sleeping patterns, immunity and lifestyle factors. All areas can provide important feedback, giving your coach information about your current level of functionality and health so we know where to build on.
  • Finally, we’ll go over your current food habits to work out a nutrition approach best suited to you. The food plan you’ll stick to is the best food plan for you. We want to know what foods you like to eat, how much you eat, where you eat, who you eat with, where you buy your foods, who does the cooking in the household, and what limitations you have around your food i.e. budget or special nutritional requirements. All of these factors will help us build a nutrition strategy unique to you.  

Shortly after your appointment, you’ll receive your training plan for your first four-week block as well as a write up of the consultation, accompanying your unique nutrition plan, supplement recommendations (if any), and information on having a private blood test, if desired.

We will then progressively develop each four-week block, aiming to increase the stimulus in each phase. The stimuli will depend on your goals and how well you are progressing. You should record all of your weights and training notes so we can assess your progress and update your program accordingly.

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