4 Week Custom Training Program with Nutrition




4 week training program designed to help you reach your goals. This is a tailored program, specific to your needs, your training environment and level of current experience. After a chat with James to discuss your training motives he will issue you with your program, usually within 24-48hr.

Nutritional support is included which means you will be given a macro and calorie target to stick to, relative to your goal, along with check-ins, follow up changes and alterations to the plan as well as a free eBook to help get the most from your plan and learn the science behind the nutrition. If you are a local client, body measurements can be taken by James, however, the tracking documents will allow you to do this yourself.

It does not include one-to-one training or run-throughs. Program and nutrition plan sent via email. Videos of your training are usually required alongside training notes to assess progress and adjust program / nutrition accordingly.


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