What is it?

Community feel and support from each other is everything to us. It boosts motivation and the chances we keep showing up – in fact, research has already proven people that exercise together get better results and are more likely to sustain them. We’ve combined the integral values of 1-2-1 personal training with the energy and support you love in a group session.

Your group will be between 2-4 people. Everyone spends time with a coach – you’ll learn new things, get fitter + stronger and meet new people to support you along the way. You’ll discover how to improve your diet with our free eBook, written in-house by James, a qualified nutritional therapist. It’s the chance to work on you that you’ve been waiting for – whatever your goal.

Monday: 6.30am + 6pm
Tuesday: 7am + 7pm
Wednesday: 6am + 5pm
Thursday: 6pm
Friday: 7am + 5pm
Saturday: 10am

2 sessions a week – £150 a month
3 sessions week – £210 a month
4 sessions a week – £260 a month


How many people will I be training with? 
Sessions are limited to four people.
What exercises will I be doing?
We will build around four main compound barbell exercises; squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press. The sessions will also include pull-up variations, rows, presses, pushing, pulling, HIIT and accessory movements to support cardiovascular fitness and fat loss.
Do I need gym experience?
Absolutely not. Our beginner level programs are perfect for first-timers and gives you everything you need to progress.
Will it help me lose weight?
Yes, if that’s your goal! Resistance training combined with our cardio based session finishers is the perfect accessory to weight loss. Not only will you be burning calories to help lose weight but by building more muscle you’ll naturally burn more calories because muscle requires fuel even ticking over while we sleep!
I’m quite experienced in the gym already, will I be able to progress?
YES! Everyone gets their own tailored program to make sure they’re improving and working towards their own individual goals. We have beginners all the way up to experienced, seasoned athletes training in the Semi-Private PT model.
I can only afford two sessions a week but I want a programme written for four training days a week. Do I need to pay more?
No! As a part of the semi-private PT package you get your own tailored program to however many days you require. If you choose to join a coach led session twice a week but want to exercise for days a week, that’s fine! You can also get a gym membership to complete the rest of your week’s training at Complete Performance.
How do I book my first session?
Just download the BookFit App from your phone’s App Store and look for “Inner Athlete UK”. Knock on the door and we’ll let you in – then feel free to join in whichever sessions suit you. You can book up to two weeks in advance to make life even easier!
What if I don’t know anyone?
Luckily, all of the semi-private PT members are wonderful, friendly and supportive people so you’ll fit right in. We do our best to make you feel at home in the group. We have a saying “altogether, stronger.” Because it’s true. We are.
What if I can’t make some sessions because I have a holiday booked?
If you are on holiday, out of town for work or otherwise unable to attend sessions then we will allow for you to have the sessions you cannot attend be added to your next training block, meaning you’ll pay less next time and you’re not losing out!
Can I come for a taster session first?
Absolutely. Get in touch and we can arrange this for you! Better still, grab a friend and we’ll give you both a free taster session together. We look forward to meeting you.