Semi-Private PT

One thing I have picked up on in my many years as a personal trainer is that people enjoy training together. It improves motivation and the likelihood of us sticking to our training. With my small group training sessions you get a bespoke program, valuable time with me as a coach, the chance to challenge yourself and meet new people and nutritional help in the form of weekly articles, an eBook and the freedom to ask as many questions as you like.

Current Timetable

Monday – 6am + 6pm
Tuesday – 10am + 8pm
Wednesday – 6am + 5pm
Thursday – 6am, 10am + 6pm
Friday – 10am + 6pm
Saturday – 10am

Pricing Breakdown

2 Sessions a Week
£16 a session
4 week block – £128

3 Sessions a Week
£16 a session
4 week block £192

4 Sessions a Week
£15 a session
4 week block £240


All sessions takes place at the countryside located, exclusive facility:
Optimal Health and Performance
Unit 1C, Ash Park Business Centre
Tadley, Hampshire. RG26 5FL.
Gym membership is not required.


How many people will I be training with? 
Sessions are limited to four people.
What exercises will I be doing?
We will build around four main compound barbell exercises; squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press. The sessions will also include pull-up variations, rows, presses, pushing, pulling, HIIT and accessory movements to support cardiovascular fitness and fat loss.
Do I need gym experience?
Absolutely not. Our beginner level program is perfect for first-timers and still gives you everything you need to be able to progress.
Will it help me lose weight?
Yes, resistance training combined with our cardio finishers is the perfect accessory to weight loss. Not only will you be burning calories to help lose weight but by building more muscle you’ll naturally burn more calories because muscle requires fuel even ticking over while we sleep.
I’m quite experienced in the gym already, will I be able to progress?
YES! Everyone gets their own tailored program to make sure they’re improving and working towards their own individual goals.
What if I can’t make some sessions because I have a holiday booked?
If you are on holiday, out of town for work or otherwise unable to attend sessions then we will allow for you to have the sessions you cannot attend be added for free to your next training block, meaning you’ll pay less next time and you’re not losing out!
Can I come for a taster session first?
Absolutely. Get in touch and we can arrange this for you.

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