Who We Are

James Rush

James is a nutritional therapist and personal trainer passionate about human health. Due to his breadth of training and vast experience, he is able to work effectively with a wide range of clients. Whether it be sports performance goals, body transformations or working with those who are limited due to health issues, James has succeeded in growing his clientele accordingly. Clients are aided with his expertise in nutritional therapy, supplementing their physical training to help them to achieve their goals and feel their best.

Relevant Qualifications and Experience

  • Nutritional Therapist (CNM)
  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 3 Award in Education and Training


James sees learning as an ongoing process, especially when it comes to nutritional sciences, which he is always reviewing and studying. Keeping his skills fresh with the latest research and data is essential for James to continue building on his own personal development as well as his career, always providing the best possible service and expertise to his clients.

As well as formal qualifications, James has attended, and continues to go to, a vast range of seminars, talks and lectures, all hosted by leading industry experts. With his wide range of experience and industry knowledge, James is a part-time writer for Talk Health blog; writing articles on topics relating to health and sports performance made available to a wide online platform.

Education & Teaching

James teaches Level 3 Nutrition for Exercise, Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Training alongside Inspired Fitness, a Personal Training Qualification provider where he enjoys educating and passing his own knowledge onto personal trainers of the future. He also teaches practical sessions for the exercise part of the qualification, as well as theory, and then participates in carrying out assessments for both Level 2 and 3 students. Furthermore, James acts as assistant supervisor at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, providing colleagues and professionals of similar interests with the latest research and studies on Nutrition and other relevant topics.

Personal Statement

I’ve always been fascinated with human health and performance, possibly being helped by playing multiple sports growing up, as I was interested in learning new ways to enhance my own performance. As a young man I began reading and researching more and more, looking to improve myself.

I began reading articles by industry leaders such as Charles Poliqin and Paul Chek, discovering different angles on enhancing physical performance, which led to training in the weights room at the gym along with looking to use nutrition effectively to support my training.

As time went by, I really noticed my performance improve as well as a striking difference in my physique. Unfortunately, I also began to notice my digestive health change; with a family history of IBS type symptoms and a sister with Celiac Disease, I never really felt comfortable with certain foods and how they affected my digestion. Along with fatigue and joint pain/inflammation, which subsequently developed from a poor digestive system while repeatedly eating offending foods, I was forced to look into different approaches and eventually found Naturopathic Nutrition.

Upon finishing college, I decided to study as a personal trainer, supporting the foundations I had already begun in my own learning, which was closely followed by studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, where I trained to become a Nutritional Therapist. It was here that I learned how to understand and support a host of different problems for people like me, and others who also can’t seem to feel their best.

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