Classes are a huge part of our gym. Aimed at making you feel good and to get you fitter and stronger. Book your free trial session and discover what you’ve been missing. Our class membership gives you unlimited classes for £65 a month (including anytime gym use!) Full class timetable below:

Our Classes


Not a boring military style bootcamp… Our bootcamp classes are fun, engaging and yes, hard work! Work up a sweat, enjoy working on your fitness and sometimes you’ll work as a part of a team to achieve an overall goal for that session.

Strength Club

Strength Club is a fusion class with the DNA of a structured PT session combined with a class. It involves resistance training within a group of up to six people where a single program is followed per session. You can expect to perform compound lifts as well as accessory exercises to build strength over time.

Athlete Hour

A hybrid of barbell movements and cardiovascular challenges create a unique and tough workout. Our Athlete Hours are dedicated to bringing an element of friendly competition to the session as you’ll work within a team to come top in the evening’s challenge. Athlete Hour can supplement your training schedule to help you improve your overall athleticism, boost your cardiovascular capacity, burn fat and get you into an environment with like-minded people. Boost your confidence in the gym and working within a team.

Strongman Sunday

Strongman Sunday is our most original class, exclusive to Inner Athlete! It has been crafted and carefully refined around our members’ love of the sport. It encompasses everything that Strongman should be; energy, hard work, comradery and above all else… strength!

We are proudly home to one of the biggest ranges of quality Strongman equipment in the area. Our Strongman Sundays are the ultimate Strongman experience whether you’re a veteran of the sport or just dipping your toe for the very first time. . .

Non-member £10
Member £7.50