How many people will I be training with? 
Sessions are limited to three people plus your coach. You may not know anyone, or you may see some familiar faces!
What will I be doing?
We recommend our clients build around main compound exercises like squat, deadlift, bench press, and overhead press, relative to their goals of course. Sessions incorporate resistance exercises such as pull-up variations, rows, presses, pushing, pulling as well as cardiovascular elements to improve overall health and fitness.
Do I need gym experience?
Absolutely not. Our beginner level programs are perfect for first-timers and will give you everything you need to progress. Our coaches will work with you to build a solid foundation of compound resistance exercises to improve overall strength, body composition and your general fitness and wellbeing.
Will it help me lose weight?
Yes, if that’s your goal. Consistency with regular resistance training combined with cardiovascular exercise is perfect for supporting weight loss. Not only will you be burning calories to help lose weight but by building more muscle you’ll naturally burn more calories because muscle requires fuel just ticking over – even while we sleep!
I’m quite experienced in the gym already, will I be able to progress?
Yes! You will receive your own tailored program to make sure you’re working towards your own individual goals. You’ll also get regular check-ins with your coach to ensure progress is being made and your goals are being reached. We have beginners all the way up to experienced athletes training in our Semi-Private model.